SynergyMMS is the software solution employed by the world’s largest and most successful Hospitality companies. Providing tools that are designed to support the roles of the many diverse users in a hotel, SynergyMMS offers non-technical, multilingual user-friendly interfaces for intuitive operation.

It’s about Synergy

Synergy is defined as
“the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined affect is greater than the sum of their individual affects.”

With SynergyMMS the many departments at a property enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved communication through multilingual tools
  • Increased guest satisfaction scores based on better quality of asset and faster response to issues
  • Real-time status updates of work in the system
  • User-oriented screens remove clutter and help users to focus on their tasks
  • Inspection results recorded in real-time
  • Trend analysis and comprehensive reporting
  • Accountability improvements since work is completely tracked

The primary solutions SynergyMMS offers are:

  • Guest Issues – priority handling and escalation of guest issues
  • Work Request – multilingual tools make it easy to capture issues
  • Preventive Maintenance – both rooms and equipment
  • Inspections – with each response recorded for detailed quality assurance
  • Reports – scheduler allows for selected reports to be delivered via email automatically
  • Intelligent Dispatching – allows work requests to automatically flow through the system and dispatch to the appropriate department

SynergyMMS is a comprehensive maintenance management solution developed from 30 years of history in the industry. While SynergyMMS is comprehensive, it is also easy to use making it the ideal product. For the busy and often under-staffed hotel, SynergyMMS is the way work gets done.