Preventive Maintenance

Every property has preventive maintenance tasks that need to be performed, but finding the time to actually carry out these tasks can be challenging, especially for busy properties. SynergyMMS solves this by synchronizing with the property’s PMS allowing departments to see when rooms are unoccupied or have reached a certain number of nights sold. Employees have the ability to step in and force a PM to generate when a room becomes available. Not only does this help with staffing, but ensures that productivity is maximized.

Besides real time availability, the PMS interface also allows for scheduling room PM’s within an “odometer” approach. A threshold can be established for the number of nights sold which triggers the PM to generate. This ensures that rooms get the proper amount of attention regardless of how often the room is sold and staff efficiencies are maximized.

Preventive Maintenance can also be a cost saver when it comes to equipment, labor and energy. By maintaining equipment on a schedule rather than reactively, properties can increase the useful lifespan of the equipment by 20%! Parts can also be ordered ahead of time which eliminates the need for overnight shipments or rushing out to make a purchase.

Another benefit of the PM system is in energy efficiency. Equipment energy usage can be reduced by up to 18% just by ensuring that maintenance is performed in the proper cycle allowing equipment to run at optimal performance.