Guest Issues

Guest issues are all about protecting the relationship and revenue through proper response. A property needs to react quickly to handle guest issues and follow up to ensure satisfaction. SynergyMMS has unique tools that address the unique needs of guest issues and support the staff in providing excellent service. Your guests will feel the commitment you have to their satisfaction when you have SynergyMMS.

A people icon under the guest column indicates that a guest was the one that reported the issue, making it urgent. SynergyMMS will mark that work request as a high priority and will run it thru an escalated process for immediate resolution.

PMS interface – By synchronizing SynergyMMS with the local PMS interface, guest information is easily shared. In the example above, PMS has populated the guest name, their status with the property and how many people will be staying. This information can be used to help deliver the proper level of service based on the needs of any specific guest.

Real time information – Having real time issue status information readily available is essential when following up with guests on their issue. Being able to confidently tell the guest when their issue is completed or any other pertinent information, helps keep the guest informed at all times. Having the status at the users fingertips eliminates radio chatter and other communication between PBX and property personnel, freeing up the PBX to remain focused on the guest.