Every property knows the value of a quality inspection and SynergyMMS offers a fast and easy way to perform inspections and accurately capture the information with our mobile application.

  • Simply select the inspection to perform on the mobile device
  • Touch the appropriate red or green circle to indicate whether or not the step has been completed or has passed/failed inspection. If the step failed inspection, SynergyMMS can be set up to automatically trigger a work request to address the area that failed inspection.
  • Save and complete when finished and that’s it!

The checklist can be customized to contain as few or as many inspection items necessary and can be easily modified if the inspection criteria changes over time.

Generating inspection reports for Q&A audits is simple and contains all the captured data. Below is an example of an inspection report containing an item that did not pass. SynergyMMS automatically generated a work request to address that item and the work request number is contained on this report.