Work Requests

The work request screen is the central point of information for finding out about guest issues, PM’s and unplanned maintenance activities. Sorting through all of that information could be daunting, but having the ability to customize views eliminates waste, saves time and increases productivity. The employees will see only the tasks that are pertinent to them or their department instead of having to go through every task one by one. Not only that, but the data can be arranged in whichever way the employee wants to see it.

Work requests can be event driven – The triggering of work requests can be based on guest information shared from the PMS system. If a guest asks for a rollaway bed upon arrival, a work request can be entered to not only deliver the rollaway, but also to pick it back up when the guest checks out.

Your data, your way – Custom views allow the user to organize data in a way that makes sense to them. For example, if Engineering wanted to see all the work requests that involved lighting, they could organize a view that would put these issues at the top of the list. They could also add check out data in a column to assist with the planning of work that can be done that day.

Dispatching history - This view allows anyone to easily see what’s happened with a particular work request, including who it was sent to and the current status of the work request. This provides an instant history of the transactions without having to run a report.