Intelligent Dispatching

SynergyMMS has intelligent dispatching which allows work requests to flow seamlessly through the system without the need to have someone sitting at a desk and dispatching them. SynergyMMS can be set up to automatically dispatch work requests to certain departments (or pools). This also ensures that there is no delay between the information getting entered and it being delivered to the appropriate department.

The escalation and pooling features allow work requests to be distributed to a group of people all at once or in a tiered fashion. SynergyMMS can also make sure work is evenly distributed among all employees that can perform that task.

Pooling: With Pooling SynergyMMS can automatically select the appropriate person based on the following:

  • Skill set required to correct the issue
  • Location of the issue
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Current workload of each possible recipient

When a new issue is entered into SynergyMMS, our dispatching engine goes to work calculating the proper recipient based on the above criteria. With intelligent dispatching, work is evenly distributed and staff members are able to focus on certain areas of the building without wasting time traveling back and forth. Users can reply to dispatches updating the system in real time when work is started or completed. Dispatching for low priority issues can even hibernate until a suitable recipient is on duty at which time they are alerted to the task automatically.

Escalations: High priority tasks can be escalated if not completed in the prescribed time or if they do not receive a response in time. This ensures that management can get involved to support the process so the guest receives the service they deserved.