Effective maintenance requires coordination between many departments

Hospitality maintenance is no easy task as it requires coordination between departments and flexibility around occupancy. Limited staffing can make it difficult to complete scheduled maintenance since so much effort is placed on putting out fires. The problems are the same everywhere and the economy hasn’t helped matters at all. Fortunately, SynergyMMS offers a complete feature set that delivers the tools necessary for staff members to easily capture issues while creating the visibility and accountability necessary for proper work force management.

  • "The increase in productivity and accountability was very noticeable once the system was in place."

  • "We haven't heard a single negative comment from anybody about putting in work requests. Having the system be seen as user-friendly is a great advantage. Several departments are reporting work directly into SynergyMMS."

  • "GSI maintenance scores are higher now than when the hotel was brand new!"

  • "Every work request can be traced so it increases accountability - 100 percent accountability so we can be sure everyone is doing that they are supposed to."

  • "SynergyMMS has improved communications between Guest Services and Engineering tremendously. Guest Services loves being able to see the status of work in real-time!"

  • "Without SynergyMMS, it would be impossible to operate with a lean staff."

  • "It's easy to use. It's great; the support team is very responsive. In the almost 25 years I've been doing this it is the best system I've been exposed to."

Why Manage Maintenance?

Maintenance is a process and all processes cost money to operate. Unless you have tools in place to monitor, control and refine that process, you have no way to control that cost. When maintenance is properly managed you not only save money by tracking trends and directing focus, you also save through greater efficiency and by becoming proactive in your approach to handling problems.

Still more savings are available with the implementation of tools that create synergy between the various departments involved in the maintenance actions. Whether crossing technical or language barriers these tools need to be transparent, operating in the background to speed the process without increasing the burden on the staff. This is where SynergyMMS stands apart.


Guest Complaints 30%

If your staff is discovering and fixing issues before the guest ever notices them, guest complaints will fall. SynergyMMS has been proven to reduce complaints by 30%!

Compensation 80%

If guests have less to complain about, then they also have a better experience with less need for compensation. Higher revenue and loyalty will result.