• Need reports to analyze trends
  • Need information for staffing decisions
  • Need information for capital decisions
  • Do not often access software programs
  • Want to understand where to gain efficiencies in operations

How SynergyMMS works for Management

  • Reports are easily set up and data exported to excel, csv, pdf, etc.
  • Can customize view to see all pending work to accurately staff
  • Reports can display labor and parts costs
  • Reports can be automatically generated and delivered
  • Visibility of employee productivity helps expose opportunities for training and scheduling

Reports can be set to automatically deliver at specific days/times and then exported to allow for manipulation of the data.

Multiple ways to customize reports allow management to view data in a format that’s logical and concise.

SynergyMMS has been proven to lower guest compensation costs while incresing productivity, allowing for improved profitabilty of the property.