• Need issues to be reported accurately, timely
  • Often on the move – not at their desk
  • Must balance different types/priorities of work
  • Need a means to update others in real-time
  • Need accurate time accounting for tasks

How SynergyMMS works for Engineering

  • Issues are immediately and accurately captured
  • Intelligent dispatching allows work requests to go to multiple outputs including mobile devices
  • Work requests are easily prioritized
  • Information flows seamlessly between departments in real time
  • Accurately captures time to complete tasks

Easy access to work requests on multiple outputs, including iOS and Android devices, prevent delays in completing tasks. Preventative maintenance and room inspections can be easily completed on hand held devices as well.


PM on Demand synchronizes with the local PMS system to allow for even high occupancy properties to complete PM’s in a timely manner. Engineering can quickly view which rooms are available and room PM’s can be triggered based on number of nights sold.